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In their personal space Taurus children thrive on comfort and familiarity. They also dislike changes in the daily routine, strange places and unfamiliar visitors.

Taurus Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Alternatively they may become very agitated and destructive. Balance your words and actions toward your child with a healthy portion of love. When you see steam starting to blow from their flaring nostrils, always remember the Taurus child responds quickly and very well to hugs. They can never get enough of them and hugs even help calm them when the Bull is rearing its horns. You can be as persistent as you want, but this child will always out-last you. Just sigh, relax your shoulders and go back to something tried-n-true.

The Taurus girl finds replication comforting, even fun. If she likes mashed potatoes, all that defiance goes away and hands start grasping. In the Taurus world, food is actually for wearing as well as eating! Realistically obstinacy is the most difficult Taurus trait for a parent to handle. If anything she seems almost delighted by your unsuccessful attempts, so you will need to come up with creative parent skills to get her redirected.

Taurus zodiac sign personality traits & psychology in astrology

Socially the Taurus girl acts very well with people she knows. She enjoys listening to stories, getting hugs from visiting family and cuddling with grandma. The Earth element in her creates a sense of stability except when her world of pleasure gets disrupted. Another thing that sets your Taurus daughter into a funk is fast change.

She likes predictable scenarios.

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If you know a transition is coming, give her plenty of time to adjust beforehand. Talk to her, set up a calendar marking off the days and continually stress how that change will fit into her daily routine.

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There may still be some bumps, but this generally soothes the Taurus spirit and gives them a sense of security. A great outlet for your daughter is anything physical. She may love running or dance — athletics are in the Taurus genetic memory. She can handle whatever she puts discipline into. And when the activity stops, the eating begins. Keep an eye on her diet, balancing the temptation for sweets with healthy alternatives.

Give her alternatives — creative hobbies, for example. In school, your teen Taurus moves at a slower pace than her fellows but manages to maintain good grades nonetheless. Her methodical approach works — so work with teachers on those deadlines that she hates so much. Try as you might, he will stand his ground until you have no choice but resign the fight and try another route.

Taurus Sign Traits Overview

You cannot push him, but you can show him affection. Time and time again that little hug and snuggle improve his attitude. Joy for your child truly comes from love — and not just receiving it.

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As alpha male as the Taurus boy ever gets he still loves showing affection — particularly to his mother. Where other kids may look awkward, he stands sure and strong, always with a charming twinkle in his eye. Nonetheless he veers to the sidelines a bit.

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Bulls do not like too much attention. His routine is predictable and constant, and woe to the person who disrupts that persistence. You cannot bully the Bull! In school the Taurus boy should do well. Taureans typically go through phases of being extremely extroverted, followed by waves of being introverted and philosophical.

Taurus Sign Dates & Traits

Creativity often runs strongly in Taurean blood. Taurus individuals are typically very good at business and have a strong work ethic. The Taurus ability to create a sense of security, trust and inner strength makes them adept at management. Taurus individuals have excellent discipline and are often found in professional areas requiring discretion, understanding and confidence. Those born under the sun sign of Taurus don't carelessly let things get past them without scrutiny and careful consideration. They are detail oriented, and they are good at exercising power -- particularly when they know they are right.

Taurus individuals are an interesting mix: emotionally self-sufficient when on their own, but very capable of serious relationships. Their search for stability and solidity typically make them excellent partners in a relationship.

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They are typically loyal and worthy of trust. Sometimes their need for stability makes Taureans overly possessive or controlling -- particularly if they are partnered with a free-spirited person, or someone who values stability and security less than they do. Others, are like oil and water. Can your relationship work? Today's Horoscopes Check out iFate's award winning daily horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs.

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