Horoscopes january 23

Opportunities and prizes you have to work hard to get are lining up now brainy planet Mercury makes you think smarter. You have to choose between an easy project with a useful cash prize and going for a difficult contest with a massive winner-takes-all-prize.

Birthday Horoscope January 23rd

The moon joins with Venus and Jupiter in your sign to set up a day of meetings, some planned, others unexpected. All of them will be interesting and some lead to exciting opportunities at work and in your private life.

Planetary Row

That could include love at first sight, while long-term partners could be sharing brilliant news. As the sun visits the financial sector of your chart, you have smart ideas for making money in your spare time. But when it comes to romance, you have the right words — plus a special way of smiling — that launches passion with a future. It may not be easy to keep believing that you and a team of people you care about are close to success.

Love-wise, at first you and a Gemini you meet for the first time seem like a mismatch with nothing in common — but soon realise you are soul mates. They are motivated to achieve career success and may not realize until late that they also want personal stability. They want to be the best at what they do.

They take criticism well and are able to look at themselves objectively. Jill M.

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Friends and Lovers January 23 natives enjoy the social elements of friendship. Your spirit guides are signaling you to to not give up and stay the course. Libra, practice makes perfect and there's more for you test and retry. Is there something you're trying to master? Is there a skill you are eager to learn?

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Things may seem less than accurate at this stage, but with persistence, you will be where you need to be. Scorpio, a sign from the universe is signaling you to pay attention to something that's growing into a beautiful treasure? The fullness of this gift can be in your hands. Now is the time to practice gratitude. Sagittarius, miracles happen every day. Sometimes the miracles we have in life come in the form of support from our friends. You may be the giver or receiver of the gift that friendship brings.

Daily Horoscopes: January 23, 12222

Keep an innocent mindset and allow the feminine energy of nurture enter your world. This may require you to admit you are vulnerable and have a need. Aquarius, take a time out to contemplate a new situation that is important to you.


You may have a passion project that's on your heart or that you know is on the mind of someone in your life. Perhaps your role is to help and to give advice that provides a form of leadership or guidance. Pisces, your commitment to others is like a protection of love over their lives. Send loving vibrations and caring thoughts to those who often confide in you.

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